Saturday, September 24, 2016

HOW IT'S MADE: Springfield Rifles

The last third of the video shows how we used to train our youth in marksmanship and safe weapon handling.
I enjoy your blog very much!
Thank you,
Mike Luper

Thank you for the kind words, Sir and Thank you for the link.



  1. Rifle Cal.30 M-1. The M16/ar15/M4 needs to fire 40 rounds to obtain the same the same weight of fire as 8 rounds of 30:06. It has a higher muzzle velocity than the M-4 carbine or any AK, and double the effective range. It has been used successfully in every environment earth has to offer. When properly cleaned and maintained it is superior every "assault rifle" ever made.---Ray

    1. Agreed, the one we used in military school and got my one and only M-1 thumb from. :)