Saturday, September 24, 2016

LA Police Union: Police Commission Wants Cops To Run From Armed Suspects

Via Billy

The Los Angeles Police Commission wants LAPD police officers to run away when a suspect confronts them with a weapon, warns the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the labor union of the city’s police officers.

The organization posted a blog post critical of the commission’s recent decision to find that fault lay upon an LAPD officer who used deadly force when a female suspect, Norma Guzman, came at him and his partner swinging a large knife.

“The key facts in this case are not in dispute. A female suspect, armed with an 8 to 9-inch knife, charged at officers, repeatedly ignored commands to stop, and was recorded yelling ‘shoot me’ as she swung her knife from side to side,” the LAPPL Board of Directors wrote in a blog post.


  1. The LA Police as depicted by Monty Python.......

  2. Police need to quit patrolling and answering calls in protesting neighborhoods. If they don't want them there. Let them go without. Same goes for fire departments and EMTs, because with no police they sure won't be safe.