Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pier Weekly 09/23/16 & What A Week It Was!

Southern boy with meticulous manners.  Said Akai should have a shorter board.
We've had a few double rainbows lately.
Large Tarpon.  Took 2 hours to get in and walk it along the pier.  Went under at the end, but fortunately was in shallow water so could be retrieved. Was going to be a C&R, but took so long to get the hook out that it died.
Homecoming tonight. :)
Grace had my camera between her legs and was quite warm as received.  When mentioned, she stated, I'm hot! :)
Akai, in one summer! :) A Natural.
One of our newly met friends from West Virginia sobering up and needing a little help. :)
Two beautiful couples.  When I found out they were from West Virginia, I asked where, and they live about ten minutes from Lewisburg where I went to Greenbrier Military School!
I give up, I only had two beers.........:)
Such a nice person.
"East coast love there's nothing on the West End"

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