Monday, October 24, 2016

Australia Reveals More Than 250,000 Illegal Guns Exist, Calls for Gun Amnesty

Via John

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It’s been 20 since Australia announced tight restrictions on gun ownership. Now, in the wake of a failed gun buyback program, the nation has admitted that more than a quarter of a million guns exist in the country that were never legally registered.

As a result, the nation has announced an amnesty in hopes that gun owners will part with their weapons.

“The amnesty will provide an opportunity for those individuals who, for whatever reason are in possession of an unregistered firearm, to hand it in without fear of being prosecuted,” Justice Minister Michael Keenan told reporters in Melbourne.


  1. Turn in your unregistered firearm without fear of being prosecuted? Really. Are they actually supposed to believe that line? If I was an Aussie I would not. May I suggest that the Justice Minister does have potential as a stand up comedian. I suppose he will tell public that since he is from the government, he is there to help them. Along with the check being in the mail and that he will have respect for you in the morning.