Monday, October 24, 2016


Via Michael, a friend

Today I received notice of another huge increase (around 38%) in our Blue Cross, Blue Shield coverage. It has been a BCBS Silver 5000 plan but the 5000 referred to individual coverage. It was $10,000.00 per family. My old payment was approximately $2,100.00 per month but it now has increased to around $2,900.00 per month with increased deductibles and increased co-pays.

I am not going to absorb the increase and will be forced to look at a high risk plan to cover us in case of an catastrophic event. Our average health care costs can't be over $35,000.00 which will now be our cost of insurance. (Three in his family)


Via David, a friend

I have been following the rate increases for "affordable" health insurance and just had a short discussion with Dr. -------- tonight about this. He feels that it was designed to collapse to implement a single payer program. I switched to Medi-share but it is only catastrophic. The new paradigm for health care is to have a catastrophic plan in place. As you have found out, no one is able to reach the deductible in most cases so we really are paying a tax for something that we cannot use.

Once people realize that they will not reach their deductible, they are negotiating cash payments with their doctors and hospitals at a greatly reduced price. We will see this issue explode after the election is over. However, I feel whoever wins, the country will not accept the new pResident.


  1. Actually Obamacare IS working out the way it was intended to do. It was designed to fail, to destroy health insurance. The end game is to force every one onto a single payer insurance system. The real purpose is to use health insurance as a means to control the population.

  2. Those of us who knew Obama insurance was going to blow the lid off of premiums trembled with dread the night Congress approved the measure. Remember when the bit-h said, we'll have to approve the bill before we read it, and then promptly voted themselves exempt from its provisions.