Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton Ally Gave Nearly $500K to Woman Who Wound Up Overseeing Investigation into Hillary’s Emails

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You didn’t need anymore proof that the FBI and Democrats were working together to get Hillary Clinton off the hook regarding her email scandal.

But here’s more just for the heck of it.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political organization gave $467,500 to the campaign of the deputy director of the FBI’s wife who…wait for it…wound up helping in the investigation overseeing Hillary’s email use.

McAuliffe has longstanding ties to the Clintons.

Is this real life?

From Wall Street Journal:


  1. If the FBI is this openly corrupt in a case, the entire nation is watching. Just imagine how they fabricate and lie to convict innocent people, when there is no one watching. At this point, if I was on a jury, I would never believe a word any FBI agent or expert said.