Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Facebook: Trump v Clinton

Daughter Virginia

I went on Donald Trump's page to see how many of my friends liked it and I took a picture of how many likes he has, which is over 11million plus. 84 of my friends have liked his page

I went to Hillary's page and 7 million plus have liked her page and only 18 of my friends have liked her page. I find this very interesting since supposedly the polls say Hillary is so far ahead. I did not tell any of my friends to like any page this is just something I thought of doing because I saw a post that Trumps likes were significantly higher.

Any of you could go on both those pages and check how many of your friends have likes each. It would be interesting to see what yours say and if the percentages are similar to mine. Maybe they're entirely different but I'd be interested to know.

*Ha! Just as I thought: 51 -0! :)

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