Monday, October 17, 2016

Saigon: $400 a month with everything

Minh Chau Hotel

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Dear  Mr. Brock Townsend,

First at all, we are really sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions:

1. We have monthly rates: 

1.1. Superior room ( Queen bed): 400 USD/ month
1.2. Studio ( Queen bed): 450 USD/month
1.3. Deluxe with balcony ( Queen bed): 550 USD/month
1.4. Studio suite ( Queen bed): 600 USD/month

Includes: daily cleaning, electricity, water, tax and service charge. Excludes: Breakfast

2. Pick up from the Airport we charge: 19 USD car 4 to 7 seats. However if you arrange taxi: 7 to 8 USD

3. We accept credit card/debit card without surcharge.

4. We don't use internet access but we have Wifi everywhere at our hotel

For further information please visit us at: We have many guests from US who stay a long time. Hope to welcome you next time.

Best Regards,

Holly Nguyen



  1. Interesting coupling of videos. Makes me think....
    awww I am too old and not enough game to get one of the beautiful women to this nice and cheap hotel.

    1. Absolutely not a problem, Sir. I have lived there on and off for 11 years since 1967. You are more than welcome to tag along if you like. I tentatively leave November 30th for five months. Thanks.

  2. Please enjoy your stay and be sure to vote and leave before the chaos of this election begins.

    1. I don't leave until November 30th, but as one commenter stated,you don't have to come back. :)

  3. "you don't have to come back" That was me. Sounds like
    you are well on your way, you lucky hunk. Sigh!
    I guess you have contacts when you arrive which is a
    good feeling.

    1. :) Come along! I have contacts, but they really aren't necessary as you will feel at home with the vast majority of the South Vietnamese.

  4. You are too kind. I remember this song. Simply beautiful.
    Haunting. Thanks.