Friday, November 18, 2016

10 Hilarious Post-Election Musings

F*ck Bipartisanship

I keep hearing a bunch of trash about how Trump needs to reach across the aisle to placate the people he just monkey-stomped at the polls. Heresy! Every soldier learns early on that the best time to kick someone is when they are down. This is our chance to turn the country back into something our forefathers would recognize. Burn the regulations, shrink the government, and cut my taxes! Bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age. Or further into the Stone Age, whatever analogy works for you. And tell the Europeans to stick their well-laid socialism in their well-laid ass.

The people have spoken! I don’t know about anyone else in the GunsAmerica sphere of influence, but I for one am totally motivated about the kick-in-the-teeth the electorate just gave the ruling class!

I feel as though a great weight has been lifted, and our Republic will live to see another day thanks to the election of Donald J. Trump.

I have no qualms about saying in this very public forum, with my real name attached, that if Clinton had been elected president, there would have been an all-out civil war within six months time. No matter your politics, Clinton is a criminal. When the rule of law is gone, and citizens have no legitimate means to hold lawbreakers accountable, there is only one possible outcome: chaos.

No one wanted to see that less than our veterans, and I feel like I can speak for us as a collective on that. I like air conditioning and having my garbage picked up at the curb once a week. Those simple luxuries don’t exist in many parts of this world. We have seen firsthand how ugly humanity can get over the last 15 years across our various conflicts in the Middle East, and none of us wanted that here.

But another four years of unconstitutional executive orders and a corrupt Department of Justice wouldn’t have left us much choice. Like many of you, I was so relieved when I woke up Wednesday morning, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. But as the week went on, I started musing about our post-election situation.  Below are some of my thoughts and observations:

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