Friday, November 18, 2016

Megyn Kelly Complains About Lt. Gen Flynn

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Please go to CNN.

Donald Trump offered friend and supporter General Michael Flynn the position of National Security Advisor.
The story wa
Megyn Kelly opened her show on Thursday trashing Trump’s selection of Lt. Gen. Flynn as NSA Director.
Kelly said,
“Many people are going to lose their minds over this.”
More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. I am getting really tired of the lame stream media talking heads attempting to be the policy makers and decision makers.

    One of the main reasons that I do not have a one eyed monster in my house that spews forth any of their crap.


  2. Megyn Kelly is so liberal it makes one wonder why she was hired by Fox news. I guess she couldn't get a job with CNN by sleeping with the CEO, so she hid her true beliefs and went for the money tree with a slightly more conservative network.