Friday, November 18, 2016

A Most Vicious And Desperate Backlash

Via Joe

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In the aftermath of the rise of the middle class, finally reacting to being crapped upon by the politicians of both parties and the establishment media, the reaction of the global elite has been to, as per their usual tactic, turn logic and common sense on its head.

The last thing these paid hacks and their Fabian socialist directors wanted was for their viewing public (what little that is left) to consider that poll after poll was showing that the public not only openly mistrusts the news media but holds them in utter contempt as well. So we are now going to get the true fascist backlash of the besieged power elite. The claims that any information outlet that is not in conformance with the establishment line is now to be labeled as "fake news".

This despicable and desperate reaction was first telegraphed by the leftist mouth piece Bill Maher shortly before election day. Apparently reading the writing on the wall, he came out to do his best "the boy who cried wolf" impression stating that maybe the left had overplayed the Republicans are fascists card with its open equation of Bush 43 and Mitt Romney as all but the reincarnation of Hitler himself.


  1. I've got to say it: the ONLY good communist is a dead communist! I would defer to Mr Solzhenitsyn as being something of subject matter expert on the topic of communism, after reading all three volumes of his epic work, The Gulag Archipelago.