Thursday, November 17, 2016


Donald Trump won and California wants to secede.

Mises Institute President Jeff Deist tweeted during the election: “look for the Dems to discover the virtues of secession, nullification, and states rights.”

It didn’t take long for leftists to realize the value of secession. Within hours of Trump’s stunning victory (a victory yours truly predicted as early as February this year), social media was set ablaze by Californians wanting out. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton posted, “we must secede!”

He was quickly egged on, with many wanting Oregon and Washington to join California in a Pacific union.

Why not? Such a confederation would have substantial economic muscle and would be able to pursue their crazy socialist and hedonistic utopia without interference from us Southern lowlifes.

Heck, we provided the blueprint, though one would hope that secession in the 21st century would be a peaceful process. Southerners wouldn’t fight to keep you in.

In reality, the South should have never led the way.


  1. If California, Oregon and Washington all secede, that would be a huge improvement for America. Let Mexico have them. Like Cuba, the United States should demand sovereignty over military and naval based, forever.


    1. They only get to secede when they finish the wall separating us from them.

  2. Works for me. Let California secede from the FUSA. Maybe, just maybe it would encourage a good portion of the east coast liberals to leave; Go west young liberal, go west. Or encourage one of the New England states to secede and take their liberals with them. Would any one really miss New York it were to secede? I was in New York City once. Not impressed.If the liberals believe they are just so superior to every one else then let them go and let them live with the natural consequences of their stupidity and hubris. They get what they want, a safe space free from us deplorables. We get free entertainment watching it all turn into a grand scale Charlie Foxtrot. A win-win as I see it.