Thursday, November 17, 2016

FINALLY: CAIR Will Be Labeled A ‘TERRORIST Organization’ By Trump

Via Billy

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Sorry guys, your ‘protected’ status is coming to a crashing halt.

You might remember the recent story about the ‘rights’ group that tweeted a call for America to have her own version of an Arab Spring.

That was CAIR. This is the same group whose ridiculous over-playing of the victim card ClashDaily has documented.

They called attention to a single broken window as a ‘hate’ crime but dismissed the San Bernardino slaughter as ‘America’s Fault’.

Is it racist to call CAIR a terror group? Is it ‘Islamophobic’?

You know that’s the card CAIR will play, right? How do you answer that charge?

UAE called CAIR a terrorist group. So which is it? Are they going to say the United ARAB Emirates is ‘Islamophobic?’ Or have we just exposed the lie for what it is? A stick to beat down anyone so impolite as to ask uncomfortable questions.

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  1. Looking forward to these tools being categorized terrorists, along with the SPLC..

    1. $PLC

      How much to I hate thee, let me count...........:)