Thursday, November 17, 2016

HOW TRUMP WON: The “Trump Belt” Swept Across Northern States From Maine to North Dakota

Via Billy


This map shows how much Donald Trump outperformed Mitt Romney in 2012 vote margins in counties across the United States. (New York Times map)

Trump’s message especially resonated with voters from Maine to North Dakota.
This swath of the country surrounding the Great Lakes has been obliterated by Democratic economic policies for decades now.

The states where Trump significantly outperformed Mitt Romney included:


  1. I'm sorry that my shit county of mecklenburg NC went the other way. I blame all the fking asshats from NY, CT, MA, IL, VA, CA, WA, OR driving around me lately. Never seen such an influx of out of state plates in the 17 years I've been here.
    Told the wife "We're moving sooner rather than later.."

    1. They come down here and tell us they don't like the way we live. Typical New England Yankee. Where are you looking? Carteret County went 70% for Trump.