Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cuban Americans Celebrate Castro's Death with Trump Signs

Via Billy

Communist tyrant Fidel Castro passed away late Friday night in Cuba.

The miracle Cuban medical system couldn’t save the old Marxist.

Cuban Americans celebrated in the streets of Miami after hearing the news.
In Miami, Cuban Americans flocked to the streets with Trump signs to celebrate the dictator’s death.


  1. Fidel will be welcomed into hell.

    1. Thanks.

  2. Active and interesting person plus relentless. Didn't
    follow him that much but the US Embargo hurt the Cuban
    people badly. Fidel did take land from the rich bitches
    and divide it with the people. Sanctions in Syria and
    Russia hurt not the leader, dictators, monarchs, but the
    regular people. Died like flies from starvation, disease,
    lack of medicines. Seems like a form of genocide.

    1. Fidel did take land from the rich bitches and divide it with the people.

      & killed thousands along with Che. Quite a few of my military school's Cubans (Greenbrier Military) went back to fight him and died. Some after being captured and tortured.

    2. ! Just thought of my old nemesis. He as the Assistant PMS&T at Greenbrier my senior year when I was the Battalion Adjutant. I hated his guts and his later actions proved me correct in my feelings. :) I have no idea why he got such a lax sentence.

      Major Richard H. Pearce defected with his 5-year old son to Cuba in May 1967. Pearce flew from Key West, Florida, on what was a short pleasure flight and landed in Cuba, requesting asylum, publicly stating he could no longer live in the United States. Pearce was on leave at the time and had concluded a divorce and was experiencing custody problems. Pearce returned to the United States on his own accord in November 1979. He pleaded guilty at a court-martial in 1980 and sentenced to one year. The sentence was dismissed, but he forfeited $200,000 in pay and allowances and was dismissed from the Army.

    3. I do remember some of Richard Pearce's legacy
      probably when I was researching Cruz's father.
      Thanks for the insight.

    4. Evidently his son didn't come back with him and I have never been able to find anything about him after his CM. Strange as there would be money in his story especially today! :)) Hey, maybe he'll come out of the woodwork or thinking further, it's not impossible it was set up for him to return and work for Communism from these shores. Funny that I had never thought of this before. He married a girl from Greenbrier College which was in the same small town Lewisburg as the military school. The military school was formed in 1812 but went out of business in 1972 as many other military schools did because of the Vietnam war. The girls college did also. I guess the two formed a power structure which needed both to be held intact. Thanks.

    5. Pearce's kid would have been seventeen when Pearce
      returned. I suppose if he had died this would have
      been known. If he didn't die then he chose to stay
      in Cuba or returned later to the US, quietly with a
      whole new identity. What happened to the ex-wife?

    6. Yes and Pearce would be 86 and his son 55 today. I used to remember the girl's name but can't recollect it now. A further disgrace is that Pearce went to VMI. I can't find any mention of Pearce as the APMS&T on the GMC site, but maybe he was removed. Statton was the PMS&T as a Major and Pearce was a Captain in 1963. Would love to be able to find out more. Thanks.