Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Goes To Hell...At Long Last!

Via comment by JWMJR on Cuban Americans Celebrate Castro's Death with Trum...

 Mephistopheles by Mark Antokolski, 1884.

The year 2016 is drawing to a close and the good news just keeps coming! First Donald Trump prevailed in the general election and now Fidel Castro finally kicks the bucket. Poor Bernie Sanders must be so sad about the passing of his hero. Hopefully he will go to Havana for the funeral...and stay!!

I first published this piece back in 2012. With today's announcement I'm moving it back to the top.

Mephistopheles greets Fidel Castro at the gates of hell, “Hello my friend, welcome to your new home!”  He escorts Fidel through the gate and firmly closes it behind him.  “Before we go any further I have to ask you a few questions.  I hope you understand.”

“Of course.” Castro replies, “Go right ahead.”


  1. Fidel has joined Janet Reno in Hell this month, plus Trump got elected. This has been my favorite month in a long while.

  2. Not to defend Fidel, but let's recall who kept Fulgencio Battista in power and no doubt drove Castro into the arms of the Soviets. Meyer Lansky ran the Mob's casino's in Cuba and Castro rightly said that there were only two occupations open to women before him -- domestic work or prostitution. Had Ike and Kennedy pursued better policies toward Cuba, it might have turned out differently.

    Janet Reno is certainly in good company in Hell -- Lincoln, FDR, Stalin, Pol Pot, Sherman, Sheridan, Trotsky, Lenin, etc., etc., etc.

  3. A great hero of the democratic party has passed. They will be mourning his loss for months. I look for pity parties where they can commiserate and toast a fallen idol. I can even see words of praise given on the house and senate floor.

    For all their talk, just look at those who democrats idolize. Castro is one, look at what Obama said about him being a great leader. Another one is, Che Guevara, and both murderous, and brutal. Total totalitarians, because that is the dream of every democrat. Total power and control.


    1. Total totalitarians, because that is the dream of every democrat. Total power and control.