Friday, November 25, 2016

Guinness World Records Says Why it Snubbed 1,000 Man Shooting Event

Guinness World Records is speaking out about why it refused to acknowledge a 1,000-man shooting event sponsored by Henry Repeating Arms and the National Rifle Association that took place earlier this month in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Guinness World Records does not monitor mass participation records that, each time the record is broken, increase the danger posed to the general public or environment,” said the famed record-keeping organization in a statement.

“As the activity proposed by the NRA is not one we feel can be safely monitored on a global basis, we unfortunately are unable to recognize it as a record,” it concluded.

Called the “1,000 Man Shoot,” the event was put together in an effort to raise money to protect and defend the Second Amendment.

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  1. Prejudice and bigotry by GWR. --Ron W

  2. Bullshitsky!!! So now GWR should be consulted as to the safety or political correctness of a record breaking event before it would be acknowledged?