Friday, November 25, 2016

Here’s THE LIST of Mitt Romney’s VICIOUS Attacks on Trump

Via Billy


** In March Mitt Romney told FOX News he cannot vote for Trump.

** Mitt Romney was reportedly courting Ben Sasse and John Kasich for a third party run against Donald Trump.

** In June Mitt Romney told CNN on Friday Donald Trump will bring “trickle down racism” to America.

** Mitt Romney was so bitter against Donald Trump that he reportedly “sold” his email list to #NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin.

** Mitt Romney delivered a widely publicized speech filled with vicious personal attacks against Donald Trump.

** Mitt called Trump a conman, a fake and a phony who was “playing us for suckers.”

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  1. Yeah, one of the things we did earlier this month was to vote AGAINST guys like Romney, Bolton, etc.
    - Charlie

  2. Giuliani is the best of Trump's picks... With luck he'll find someone better though of course.

    And I do like the Hawaiian.

  3. As a recent transplant from the People's Republic of Massachusetts to North Carolina I remain a Romney supporter. Romney said some uncharacteristically nasty things about Trump. Trump said some nasty things about almost everyone else. Trump is walking back many of those comments; I suspect Romney is too. Romney, from what I've observed, is a really nice person. He is very humble despite his wealth. People at the Trump - Romney level are incredibly thick skinned. If Trump feels Romney has the requisite skills for the job and feels he can trust Romney and can develop a decent working relationship with him, then he should hire him. For the record, my wife and I voted for Trump.

    1. As mentioned here many times, he doesn't hold grudges. I remember Ivanka stating that he picks the best person for the job, regardless.

    2. Trump did get back at the media and he did it a couple of times. I suspect Romney will apologize publicly but I wouldn't be surprised if Trump didn't utilize him in his administration.

    3. Quite true and that was good, but they were using falsehoods to attack him where I believe Romney and Haley were not, at least in their opinion.

  4. Huckabee said one time that they will tear each other to
    pieces on the podium and then run into each other out-and-
    about and they are the best of friends. No grudges. Just
    politics and show.