Friday, November 25, 2016

Minnesota officials kidnap boy, begin his gender transition without parental consent

Via David


After the Supreme Court ruling last year in Obergefell v. Hodges that unconstitutionally legalized same-sex marriage, the LGBT movement went right to work advancing the next phase of their radical agenda by focusing on the “T” portion of LGBT–the so-called transgendered. And just as they did with the marriage issue, LGBT groups are heavily relying on the partnership between the Gay Mafia and government to accomplish their goals.

I call them “so-called” transgendered because numerous studies have documented that there is no scientific evidence these individuals are genetically wired this way. Instead, their lives are actually the result of the sexually confused choices they make. But in a world where political-correctness becomes law; where science and common sense are criminalized; this fact is secondary to the LGBT goals of destroying Christianity in American society and redefining morality in order to normalize the abnormal.

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