Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Huge fire forces evacuations near national park in Tennessee, arson suspected

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My bets are on Muslims. 
A roaring 500-acre fire is threatening structures in downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where officials have ordered mandatory evacuations. Roads near Great Smoky Mountains National Park are closed, as firefighters battle the flames and gusty winds. 
“It’s very dangerous weather conditions,” Dana Soehn with the National Park Service told WATE.

“We’ve had trees coming down, limbs coming down and the fire is continuing to grow.”

Residents have been evacuated to a Red Cross shelter at the Gatlinburg Community Center, while Rocky Top Sports World has also been converted into a shelter.

Officials suspect arson in the fire, which started over the weekend.

Blazes were too close for comfort for people staying at the Park Vista Hilton hotel. They shared harrowing images on Twitter.

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  1. Muslims a good possibility. We have so many enemies placed
    in our country by the enemy within.
    Parts of Dollywood are on fire. All Southern states have
    been set on fire - NC, GA, SC, Alabama, VA, TN, KY - the
    mountainous areas - easy to set the fires in hiding and
    landscape the most volatile.

    1. easy to set the fires in hiding

      Certainly a weak point. Thanks.