Tuesday, November 29, 2016

$PLC moves to kill debate on 'refugee' resettlement

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The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center 
Labeling journalist 'Islamophobe' scares off major sponsor for conference
It doesn’t take much to get one’s self branded a racist in Michigan these days.

Donald Trump pulled off an upset win in the state that has gone Democrat in the previous two presidential elections, but that hasn’t stopped the entrenched establishment from demonizing those who hold Trump-like views on immigration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is teaming up with local Detroit media to paint a Maryland-based journalist as an anti-Muslim “extremist” and “Islamophobe” simply because he has produced fact-based research on the U.S. government’s refugee resettlement program.

James Simpson has been invited to speak at the annual Business Roundtable Breakfast in Oakland County, one of several counties in Michigan that have been pummeled with refugees from the Middle East over the last eight years of the Obama administration.

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  1. SPLC needs to be named as a terrorist organization and its people jailed. (spit)

    1. Screw that, I've got 8 200+ year old Pecan trees and Sioux has rope! :)

    2. I know how to tie a Hangmen's Knot... Can I bring a pig for them to stand on until we swat the pig away?

    3. Hey, that's an idea! Then we can have a Pig Pickin'!