Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Man records hellish wildfire escape

Via Billy

The mayor of Gatlinburg said Tuesday that half of the city was impacted by the blaze, but the downtown area is intact. Above a home and car is destroyed from the fire on Monday
Reminds of the homes around Fallbrook in 2002.

February 2002: Gavilan fire (Fallbrook area) burned approximately 5,763 acres with approximately 43 homes destroyed and 13 damaged as well. Forty vehicles, 37 outbuildings, sheds, barns and other outbuildings were also lost. (Tally includes 2 fire engines.) Property loss is estimated at $16.5 million dollars. 


  1. I'm surprised the car did not catch on fire from the
    external heat. Fire all around. So far, three people
    have been found dead and dozens injured. While firefighters
    were protecting others homes, some of their homes burned
    down. I saw a whole mtn. top totally gone of trees.
    Such devastation. I sure hope they catch the arsonist.

    1. I sure hope they catch the arsonist.

      Me too and strangely enough, no one has come forward to bet against my charge that a Muslim was involved......:)

  2. I don't know. It takes a special kind of evil to do this
    and we now have so many special- kinds -of evil in our
    country. I thought about all the wildlife - their homes
    gone; food supply gone. Really bad. One of the known
    arsonists in North Carolina was a freak who wanted to get
    into weather reporting so started a fire to report on it.

  3. Arsonist?

    We have see the terrorists setting fires in Israel and Europe. I have to wonder if this was not simple arson.