Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No, Hillary Did Not Win the Popular Vote…And Yes, the Electoral College Did Protect America from Corruption at the Ballot Box

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  Final Results: Trump 306, Clinton 232
“Direct election would break down the federal system under which states entered the union, which provides a system of checks and balances to ensure that no area or group shall obtain too much power.”  —John F. Kennedy
Election Aftermath
In the aftermath of Election Day—November 8th, 2016—the Democrat-run, propaganda media began telling Americans that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  But this is simply not true.
Millions of Uncounted Ballots Favor Trump
To begin, millions of absentee ballots remain untallied and will never be counted.  The reason is that states only count absentee ballots, if they are more numerous than the votes between the top two vote-getters.  For example, if Trump wins in Michigan by 13,000 votes, and there are 12,999 absentee ballots, it is not worth counting them, as a practical matter, since those votes could not change the result.  And here is the truth about absentee ballots in America: 2/3 of absentee voters have historically voted Republican, probably because so many absentee voters are elderly shut-ins who are more conservative.  Across states, millions of ballots will remain uncounted that would likely run in Trump’s favor by 2 to 1, boosting his vote total by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more than Hillary’s vote total.
Illegal Voters Vote Over 90% Democrat
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  1. "Millions of uncounted ballots favor Trump".
    No. Actually, they don't favor anyone. That's what "uncounted" means.

    "Illegal voters vote over 90% democrat."
    The correct number is "over 120%".

    1. The correct number is "over 120%".

      Must have been a typo......:)

  2. Those votes should be counted then to end this ridiculousness.

    If Trump but makes the request, I'm sure they'll be counted, if they haven't already been thrown away. He should ask that they be counted.

    1. He should ask that they be counted.

      I agree even if it has to be paid for so we can shut these commies up.