Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pence Eliminates Lobbyists from Trump Transition Team

Via Billy


Vice President-elect Mike Pence is leading the charge with President-Elect Donald Trump and his team in the transitioning of power. Pence’s first order of business: eliminating corporate and special interest lobbyists from the team. With lobbyists being removed from key roles, a source claims it “makes good on [Trump’s] vision of how he wants his government constructed.”

Following Gov. Chris Christie’s demotion from leading the transition team, Gov. Pence has been leading the forefront after signing a memorandum of understanding, putting him in charge of the transition team Tuesday evening.  Before the signing, Pence ignored pestering questions from reporters as he entered Trump Tower with a thick binder tucked under his arm, and then did the same as he left six hours late. 

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