Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will Jim Webb be Trump's secretary of Defense?

Via Frank

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Jim Webb is, at least in a nominal sense, a Democrat. Last year, he briefly pursued the Democratic nomination for president, a run best remembered for his joke about killing the Vietnamese soldier who threw a grenade at him.

Now Webb is singing Donald Trump’s praises, and may have his eye on a cabinet job. “I would like salute Donald Trump for his tenacity and for the uniqueness of his campaign,” Webb during a speech to a hundred or so attendees at a foreign policy symposium in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday.

To hear Webb tell it, in fact, he tried to do what Trump did. “It took an outsider, whatever his wealth and lack of government experience, to tell the truth,” Webb said, before explaining that his own efforts in this regard were tripped up by his lack of wealth and an intransigent Democratic elite.

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  1. I am not ideologically opposed to Webb. He served in the military with honor and distinction. I must however, question his service in the cesspool of the senate working with the worm Harry Reid. I really do not know much about his senate time. Unless someone knows more and has a reason, I think he might make a good Secretary of Defense.


    1. He's a strong Southerner, but I was disappointed when he came on the radio stating Obama won't take your guns away. At any rate, he decided not to run again probably because of all the corruption he saw. My brother ran into him and his wife at a a Pho restaurant in Georgetown.

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      You can get "salty lemonade" at this restaurant. Phantastic Pho. I was at a Vietnamese restaurant on a corner in Gtown once and asked the waitress for it and she brought the owner mgr over and he was laughing, said "Where you hear about salty lemonade, you no get here". Enjoy if you're ever up there.

    3. Thanks and we actually have a good one in Jacksonville.

  2. actually wrote him in as my vote for president.

  3. That would be bad. The last SECDEF issued an order that the USA would comply with the Ottowa accords even though we didn't ratify them in the Senate. That kicked off a $20 billion bill for the Army to buy new munitions that were compliant. We still haven't paid that bill. Some senior Army Generals have been hoping that the next administration would give them relief from that bad decision. Webb won't do that.

    1. Webb won't do that.

      I'll wait and see if he is offered the job, but if he is, but under certain conditions, that may work.

  4. When web was senator, he voted party line with democrats, including the midnight vote on obamacare. He is the enemy.