Sunday, November 27, 2016

The U.S. is headed into its version of a communist revolution under the label “progressive”

Via Richard

 Hunt Money

The hunt for money is intensifying with the aid of banks no less. India was the balloon. They simply canceled the current with no notice and imposed a 90% tax on anyone holding the high denomination notes. This is how the world governments operate. The first bail-in was done in Cyprus. We were even contacted by members of the government trying to push back against the EU. We provided the solution, but the government did what the EU wanted because this was a test. If they got away with it in Cyprus, then the “bail-in” would become a contagion. The politicians lied, as usual, and said that policy would NEVER be applied in Europe. It is now standard around the world. We warned, Cyprus, then Greece – who would be next.


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      Thank God your leaving the country.

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    2. You could make a fortune popularizing Confederate chic in Vietnam.