Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump should unleash coal industry from EPA regulations

Via Billy

Donald Trump praised America's coal workers throughout the recent presidential campaign. And he vowed to get the coal industry back on its feet. Now that a Trump Administration is poised to take office on January 20, it's realistic to believe that relief could be on the way for decimated coal communities.

You wouldn't know this from the mainstream media, however. Too often, pundits belittle the impact that Obama administration regulations have had on coal. We're told that it isn't federal rules stifling coal production; instead, it's only market competition that has been responsible for coal's decline.
This is the administration's line, and it is nonsense.

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  1. For awhile, the few remaining anthracite coal mines were shipping their coal overseas (to China mostly). Now even that is shut down or slowed to a trickle. Two a day to once a month.

    And the MSHA (regulators) having shut down all the coal mines have moved on to regulating (to death ) any thing that moves dirt; construction, rock quarries, landfills, the timber industry.