Monday, December 5, 2016

Liberals Mock Victims of Wildfire in Tennessee Because They Voted for Trump

Via Billy


As Tennessee battles raging wildfires, forcing an evacuation of thousands of people, a number of people on Twitter are mocking their plight, suggesting residents there deserve it for voting for Donald Trump.

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the epicenter of the wildfires because of their proximity to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, are popular holiday resorts for conservative and Christian families from the region. The towns have a number of attractions and wholesome family activities, including Dollywood.

Some of the tweets, instead of expressing horror, are declaring “let them burn” and “too bad it’s not the whole state burning.” The tweeters are also accusing residents of showing their “white privilege” because they want more news coverage of the fires.

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  1. This is the vile mindset of liberals. Shadenfreude must have been coined just for them. What evil, demonic creatures they are.

  2. I'll say that this is useful. For folks not otherwise aware of what this vermin actually is, it's good for them to be exposed for having the rotten souls of truly evil creatures. I've saved this and many other examples to show the uninformed and otherwise oblivious people I know what the enemy sounds like.

    I noticed that the awful Oakland CA rave-warehouse disaster didn't bring out Trumpsters gleefully tweeting that kind of filth about the people from that bastion of libtard madness. If they did, it would be headline news for weeks.

  3. Is this them who say, "Love Trumps Hate"?