Monday, December 5, 2016

SlideFire SSAR-15 MOD Review - A Professional Bump Stock

have been waiting a long time for the bump stock to come of age. When I first encountered the SlideFire SSAR-15 back in 2011, it was relatively unknown. My article actually sold more stocks in one day, and picked up more dealers, than all of the other press that SlideFire had received prior to that, combined. It was the beginning of full auto speeds for the masses, no NFA tax certificate or 6 month wait required. Back then the stock was $350, for what really was just two pieces of plastic, but we all bought them, and for good reason.

As my original article explained, the original product did come with a “BATFE letter,” but none of us knew how long that would last, and we all wanted one before “they banned it.” Well, they never did lol. And go figure we now have a much more mature product, with a rock solid feel, great ergonomics and excellent fit and finish. When I first wrote this article, the price had been reduced too $239, and that was in the title of the article, but it is back up to $299. This is still a worthy buy recommendation, and I suspect they are going to still run out at that price. If you want one in the near term I would not hesitate to buy it for full price.


  1. Looks alright, but it seems to be more moving parts to get fouled up or break. It definitely looks like it would be a lot of fun when one is killing those evil aluminum cans and plastic bottles!

  2. Totally unnecessary because of this:

    1. Yes, there has been a way including rubber bands for a long time.