Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ice Shelf Cracking In Antarctica

Via Bill

A group of scientists is gathering today in the U.K. to discuss a slab of ice that's cracking in Antarctica. The crack could soon split off a frozen chunk the size of Delaware.

One glacier scientist, Heidi Sevestre, spent six weeks last year living on that giant slab of ice off the Antarctic Peninsula.

"It's like being on a different planet," says Sevestre, a glaciologist with the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She and her colleagues would get really excited whenever they saw a bird pass overhead because it was the only other sign of life around.

"Everything is gigantic, everything is white," she says. And everything seemed so frozen and still.

But it wasn't.

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  1. "Everything is gigantic, everything is white," she says.

    That is one racist continent. Where is the diversity? We need the Rev. Al, Rep. John Lewis, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, etc. to hold some massive protest marches there............

  2. The Fallen Ones awaken, and will be coming out!
    Road trip with chain, stakes, ratchets abd cribbing to cinch it back together.

  3. Clearly Trump made a deal to sell this massive piece of ice to Vladimir Putin in exchange for the Crooked Hillary meme. Just ask Mad Maxine Waters.

  4. I'm guessing "glaciologist" is not one of those jobs that you can do without a government taking someones else's money to pay you. The private sector for this must be zero.