Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Southern Heritage Under Attack as Arkansas Moves to Obliterate Robert E. Lee from MLK Day

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Every third Monday in January, Arkansas state offices are closed in observance of an unlikely holiday: the shared birthdays of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Only three states commemorate both men on the same day, a practice that critics say hurts Arkansas’ reputation. Now the Republican governor is reviving an effort to remove Lee from the holiday, but he faces resistance from opponents who complain the move belittles the state’s Confederate heritage and from black lawmakers worried about a plan to set aside another day to honor Lee.


  1. R.E. Lee's birthday should be a national holiday.

  2. The forces of "darkness" and evil are after my beloved state of Alabama as well. If anyone doesn't think that a concerted effort to obliterate Southern Heritage and white heroes from this nations history is underway, then that person is not in charge of their faculties and in dire need of a mental evaluation. To see evidence of this, all anyone has to do is tune in to the local Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, or Mobile television/newspaper reports (i.e. "Alabama is one of only four states that still observes,,,,,,blah, blah, blah). Judgement Day is coming for those who attempt to conceal the past. Lee is the greatest general this nation has ever produced. Truth may be crushed by force, but crushed or not, truth is still truth.

    1. Indeed.

      "Tradition usually rests upon something which men did know; history is often the manufacture of the mere liar."