Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Explaining Trump to the Brits


Of the four Christmas cards I received from the UK this past December, three of them had the same request:  explain the Trump phenomenon.

This is my reply:

America has had a bloodless revolution.  It remains to be seen what will really happen once the New People take over Washington.  No doubt much can (and maybe will) go wrong, but Trump, while a gaudy character, is an “instinctive Patriot.” We have been marching relentlessly toward a modern socialist state. At least we can hope for better times.

The first thing to remember is that America has not been governed by either President or Congress in the   traditional manner for at least a generation. It simply costs too much to run.  Millions and millions of dollars. And who has that kind of money to spare—except for the REALLY rich, who live in a world of their own. Their home is everywhere (they can make more money) and while handing over their money to many, they make sure they get their money’s worth.  Hence their insistence on “open borders,’ “free trade,” in short all the tenets of the One World Order. Many who donate their money are not citizens, but it certainly doesn’t keep them from meddling in U.S. affairs.  For instance, take George Soros (please).  Remember he was the man who almost broke the Bank of England a few years ago.  So it is not surprising that the only “successful” candidates for high office are the ones who feel comfortable keeping Congress from passing any laws their benefactors oppose. After all, they will soon be running for office again. And in the near future.


  1. I figure the Trump voters and the Brexit voters are pretty much the same.
    - Charlie

    1. I imagine. The Englishman here who you should have seen in a few pictures is quite nice, but we don't discuss politics or religion under any circumstance. :)