Tuesday, February 21, 2017

HUGE Exclusive Interview With DHS Insider!

Via Jeffery

DHS interview

VL has been fortunate enough to work with some awesome people!  We have loyal and awakened followers who help bring us information, and we also have trusted insiders, whistleblowers and leakers who trust us enough to give us information, too.  Today, we have an exclusive interview with a special DHS insider who has answered some critical questions we have on PizzaGate.  Our insider prefers to call it PedoGate and what he told us blew our minds!

We are so fortunate that members of the Intel community like our work and feel they can trust us. We have been trying to get to the bottom of PizzaGate for months and the answers we got from our DHS insider stunned and shocked us. Here we go!

Q. So, in the Intelligence community, how chaotic is the atmosphere now?
A. In my 34 years of Governmental service, I have never seen anything like it.  It’s the bifurcation of the entire intelligence apparatus.

Q. It seems the intel community has it in for Trump – is this your feeling?
A. There are many Trump supporters within the FBI.  The CIA, however,  is against Trump because Trump threatens to ruin their game in the middle east.

Q. Can you elaborate?


  1. The sudden interest in fear of all things Russian. ISIS has never attacked Israel. Schumer is doing everything he can to impede Trump from filling his cabinet positions. This would explain a lot.

    1. Yes,this interview was mind opening to say the least and I have no reason to doubt it.

    2. Here ya go:

    3. Thanks.

  2. Now that's good writing. It neatly ties together all sorts of conspiracy stuff and doesn't just throw stuff around randomly like a lot of these kinds of stories do. It might even be true. But I doubt it. I suspect it does have some true elements. I should probably doe a larger post at my site on this. I'll share the link later.

    1. After I read this article, I looked at the sidebar and read the one about the nuclear reactor in Japan. Now that story made the hair on my neck stand up. We are all being poisoned here on the West Coast and beyond. The death of the ocean due to radiation is more concerning to me than the deep state....although I feel this is all interconnected.

    2. I forgot what area of the west coast you are from....?

    3. How bad can it be when the author can't be troubled to use a real picture for his headline? The flaming picture is an oil refinery/chemical plant, not a nuclear reactor.

      The Pacific ocean is incredibly HUGE. We intentionally set off 105 atomic bombs in it and didn't poison the whole planet. One reactor in Japan isn't going to push anyone over the edge.

      The proper course of action would be to actually measure the radiation in salmon and Pacific fish as well as washing up on the shore instead of just assuming all of it is poisoned because it was in the Pacific ocean. Like these guys did: https://phys.org/news/2016-07-pacific-ocean-fukushima.html

    4. measure the radiation in salmon and Pacific fish as well as washing up on the shore

      Good point.

    5. I eat a lot of Pacific fish. I've always heard the area is too large to be significantly affected.

      Fukushima though is terrible. I've been saying for years that it looks terrible. Recently a robot was cooked by the radiation. I don't think it can be contained.

      In SC, we store nuclear waste in Barnwell county beside a river and above a population centre. I've never thought that a good idea. Since we're all one state now in the USA (14th Amendment), it seems better to just ship all the waste to Nevada. Instead in the past we've actually imported nuclear waste from other states and have considered reopening this importation.

      Barnwell County dump concerns me more than the Pacific, certainly more than global warming. It's supposed to be "low level waste", but it's still radiation. SC was originally mostly swampland and forest. We're a very wet state.

    6. I eat a lot of Pacific fish.

      Me too.