Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Morning Joe: Trumps Criticism Of Media Will Cause Terror Attack Because His Supporters Are Mentally ‘Unbalanced’

Via Billy

On Monday’s edition of the Morning Joe the failing TV show insinuated that President Trump’s criticism of the media is going to cause a terrorist attack. The TV show brought up the Oklahoma City Bombings and said that Trump supporters could possibly be the source of the attack because they’re ‘unbalanced’.

Joe Scarborough said “this is very, very dangerous.” Scarborough then went on a rant calling the President a liar and trying discredit claims Trump has made. For being a Republican, Joe Scarborough sure does seem to act like a liberal.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Scarborough is just another globalist hack journalist. There is no other reason that MSLSD would have kept him around. He couldn't hack it as a Congressman so they made him an alleged journalist. He's nothing more than a phony CONSERVATIVE water carrier for the globalist in media, politics and banking.

  2. If Scarborough wasn't bought and paid for why would he tolerate hanging out with the daughter of the monster that created the Carter administration's policy of "playing the Islamic card against the Soviets"? The horror show that kicked off the worst aspects of the shit storm in the middle east. I sincerely hope both Carter and Brzezinski both burn in a hell approaching the horrors they created.