Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Saigon Feburary 21, 2017 & "Make Vietnam YouTubers Great Again!" :)


She's sad because I took my GMS ring back when she put it in her mouth. :)

From Israel.


'US Veteran Brock Townsend' taken and labeled by Kinh whose father was a Major in the ARVN, spent 8 years in reeducation camp and only lived one year afterwards, unfortunately. He is a reporter and a really nice guy.

Kinh's son as a child.  An amazing coincidence as I bought the same ARVN Airborne uniform just before we were evacuated from Saigon.  All five of my daughters have worn this and it is in excellent shape.


They weren't singing the VNCH anthem, that's for sure.

The cafe shop owner took this and posted as 'American reading Vietnamese newspaper.'


 Karin and her son from Austria. Delightful.

Hi Brock, Just want to send you a picture from Vienna where I am currently working ( this one is just a part from the Schönbrunn castle). Lg Karin

This one is San Vito (Friuli region) where our Italian friends are living. You can see the so called "campanile" - each city has one, not only Venice. 😊

That's my most favourite "beach" during summer. You see how crowded! 😊 maybe because of the water temperature (18 celsius maximum). This is nearby "Gmunden", and the lake is called Traunsee (Traun lake)

Hiking at Dachstein mountain


The grade school in back of the hotel.

Free tea for all.

The road side owners block off the gutters. I guess because the government doesn't clean them out or are too slow when needed.

Vietnamese M&M's.  1/3rd cheaper than the real ones, but taste exactly same though the Vietnamese ones have some defects.

Priceless! :)

A wonderful driver.  Had a blast.

A man putting cement down in front of the business as I assume it's up to the people to take care of this. 

The Vietnamese use tomatoes both as vegetables and fruit.  This is a fruit drink stand where I order freshly squeezed tomato juice, with no sugar, but salt, pepper and lemon/lime that they have available.  Hot sauce and alcohol is abundance, so if I can find L&P I can make a real or virgin Bloody Mary.

Employees of the hotel.  Very friendly.

The two on the left are from England as is Richard of course.

 Another yum. yum.

Can't remember the name, but a root that you dip in salt and pepper that the Ma and Pa store gave me.

They sell hotdogs and popcorn here now and for the first time I've ever seen. I also took a hint from the hotel staff.  Periodically, before the toilet bowl stains, they use sandpaper.  Something I had never thought of.


  1. My nephew is over there visiting my brother, now. I guess he has a blog going, but I don't know how to find it. He recently obtained a degree in English. If he had half a brain, he'd get a job as an English teacher over there.

    1. Yes if he likes the country. I taught English and Business English here in 1994.

  2. Looks like paradise.

    Soft scrub is similar to sandpaper, uses friction: https://www.softscrub.com/

    Cleaning a toilet bowl can be troublesome.