Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saigon March 5, 2017

Men bring their songbirds to this shop where they drink coffee.

Bò Kho from the shop above.

The Sup Cua girl. :)


I have no idea why they put on the hats when they work in the kitchen.
The traveling knife sharpener.

A very nice man from Tasmania on the left.

Half one night and half the next.  60 cents per meal from the shop in the two pictures above.


  1. During my two years (12 December 1969 - 21 February 1972) stationed in the old Republic of Viet Nam, I only saw ONE (01)kitten, which was when visiting a Buddhist temple in Saigon.

    The only dogs I saw were pets of American soldiers, as they would bark at any Vietnamese.