Saturday, March 18, 2017

Subject: State by State -- Cost to Maintain Illegals

Via Billy 


Although the nation as a whole has a compassionate bent for the disadvantaged migrants, the illegal ones cause much hardship for middle class tax payers to maintain them economically. With all the hardships our own citizens have incurred in the tax burdens, this cost is prohibitive.

Check out the cost by state listed below. Click on the state desired to see the stats cost per illegal immigrant.

Below are state-by-state detailed infographics on how much illegals burden you and your state:

Alabama                     Kentucky                 North Dakota
Alaska                        Louisiana                 Ohio
Arizona                      Maine                       Oklahoma
Maryland                   Oregon
California                  Massachusetts          Pennsylvania
Colorado                   Michigan                 Rhode Island
Connecticut               Minnesota               South Carolina
Delaware                   Mississippi               South Dakota
DC                             Missouri                  Tennessee
Florida                       Montana                  Texas
Georgia                      Nebraska                  Utah
Hawaii                       Nevada                    Vermont
Idaho                          NH                          Virginia
Illinois                       NJ                            Washington
Indiana                      NM                            West Virginia
Iowa                          NY                            Wisconsin
Kansas                        NC                            Wyoming

-- "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is to protect themselves against tyranny in government"  Thomas Jefferson

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