Monday, April 17, 2017



In case you were wondering why we must NEVER allow the Democrats to regain control of North Carolina's Legislature, we give you H723 - The "Gun Safety Act," sponsored by the usual anti-gun Democrats, Pricey Harrison, Verla Insko, Susan Fisher, Carla Cunningham, Cecil Brockman, Jean Farmer-Butterfield, and Elmer Floyd.

It's a Bloomberg anti-gun wish list:

    Repeals Stand Your Ground/No Duty to Retreat
    Repeals Castle Doctrine in vehicles and workplaces
    Starkly limits Castle Doctrine in your home
    Repeals Self Defense Immunity

Oddly appears to repeal the law against using claims of self defense when  one has provoked the encounter or is committing, attempting to commit, or escaping after the commission of a felony.

Imposes strict "Safe Storage" laws making you criminally liable if a felon breaks into your house, steals your gun, and uses it in a crime.

    Imposes criminal liability if you fail to report a stolen gun
    Imposes a requirement for $100,000 liability insurance to own a firearm
    Repeals NC's universal reciprocity law.

 Bans the possession, sale, and transfer of magazines in handguns and rifles that hold more than 15 rounds for handguns and rifles, or 8 rounds for shotguns.

 Requires the State to divest itself of all stocks and bonds in "firearms manufacturers"
 Introduces "Gun Violence Restraining Orders" which will allow your "immediate family members" to seek a secret court hearing which will allow a judge to take away your right to possess a firearm

It is nothing short of a brazen attack not only on your Second Amendment rights, but also on your natural right to self defense. And what's worse is that we have every reason to believe that our new anti-gun Governor would sign this!

Since the Republicans control both the House and Senate, it is unlikely that such a bill will ever get to the Governor's desk, but is that all we elected pro-gun legislators, to block anti-gun bills? NO! We elected them to pass good bills like the following:

    NC Constitutional Carry Act (H746)
    Omnibus Gun Changes (H588)
    Concealed Handgun Standardization Act (H438)

A Reminder

Despite holding a super majority in our House and Senate, we can never stop being vigilant of the shenanigans from Democrats looking to strip our basic right to bear arms.  We must continue to fight even if the odds appear to be in our favor.


  1. I just say, the states determine gun laws, not the federal government. If we followed the law, that's how things would be.

    If we decided such laws are too liberal, then we could amend them to allow the federal government to ban some gun types. That's what a society of laws would do anyhow.

    As usual, I'm not preaching at you, because you almost certainly know this issue better than I do.

    1. the states determine gun laws, not the federal government. If we followed the law, that's how things would be.

      Fully agree.

  2. Since ammo is what's often targeted, I wonder if learning to make ammo, perhaps via a less-risky method, couldn't be worthwhile.

    Anyway, this limiting of the 2nd is why I like expensive doors :)

    Zerohedge recently linked to a company that sells bunkers, lol. Those look nice too. I have no plans to buy a bunker currently, but they're nice to look at. In a gun-limited society, strong doors, safe rooms, that sort of thing might come in handy.

    My grandfather used to have people try to break into his house before he died... He was living alone. He used to sleep with a gun nearby. And we found evidence of a guy having (without permission) lived in his small quasi-guest house.

    1. I would be into bunkers in a flash if money was no object, no ifs ands or buts. :) Your grandfather was fortunately that nothing untoward happen.


      I thought this cheap: "STANDARD SURVIVAL SHELTERS, 10×20-BASE MODEL – UNDERGROUND BUNKER – $58,500"

      There'd likely be installation fees, so maybe that's not so "cheap". I like how it's built to endure though. So, assuming it's truly well-built, future generations or future owners of the land/bunker could still use it.

      I imagine an owner would want to learn how to check and maintain all of the components (eg. plumbing, electricity, air).

    3. Thanks plus installation and land on top of this. I noticed that one is a simple conex container and I have seen videos of people buying used ones, digging out a hole and installing them.

  3. Oh sorry, I just quickly skimmed this. I'd assumed this was federal law.

    I'm doing so many things at once, I can't read an article.