Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Texas judge rules for a second time voter ID discriminates against minorities

Via Billy

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A federal judge in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Monday ruled for a second time that a state voter ID law was written with the intention of discriminating against minorities, according to a report published Monday evening.

U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos had been asked to re-examine her 2015 conclusion by an appeals court.

Two years ago, Gonzales Ramos had concluded the election rules amount to a "poll tax" that was intended to keep minority voters from turning out. Texas voters are required to present one of seven forms of identification when voting.


  1. Idiot bat-crap crazy judge. Lets try this one more time - every person, regardless of their appearance, is required to show photo I.D. in order to vote. EVERY PERSON. Why is this discrimination - it is a common sense method of preventing voter fraud from occurring.

  2. In her ruling, the judge makes an outrageous accusation against the legislators who wrote the bill and those who voted for it by saying it was intended to discriminate against minorities even though it clearly does not! That is slander and that is a crime! Is a judge now allowed to violate the Law? NO! Article VI, Section 2 of the Constitution states that they "shall be bound thereby"!!

  3. It's obviously true. Minorities disproportionately commit more of all sorts of crimes including voter fraud. Thus, any law against voter fraud would hit them hardest. Once you accept that leftist judge believe all minorities are stupid and criminals, this all makes sense.

  4. Yep, these leftists are condescendingly racist and discriminatory. They prejudge "minorities" of being incapable of acquiring at least one of six government ID's and being able to bring it to with them to vote! I heard a man call into the Phil Valentine Show out of Nashville, TN and say, he was black and that these leftist assertions about ID's are ridiculous. He said, they have to have government ID to buy beer and cigarettes! Another excuse is that some don't drive. Well, you can get a DL for ID!! This is a ridiculous and criminal (slander) ruling by this judge!! --Ron W