Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bad News for Dems: (Commies) 97% of Trump backers remained satisfied with their vote

Via Billy

Supporters of President Trump are holding on to their beliefs, polls and analysts say. (Associated Press/File)

Despite an onslaught of ridicule from the national media, chiding from their neighbors and repeated public relations flare-ups from the White House, President Trump’s voters remain remarkably loyal to him, pollsters and analysts say.

These voters reject notions that they should regret their vote, saying that their frustration is not with Mr. Trump but with the resistance mounted by Democrats determined to stymie Mr. Trump at every turn.

But they also blame much of the stalled Trump agenda on congressional Republicans — party leaders, hard-line conservatives and moderates whose squabbling caused major problems in the Obamacare repeal effort.

Kevin Madden, a Republican Party strategist, said Trump voters are invested.

“They still want to see their support validated and still believe it can pay off,” Mr. Madden said. “They have less trust in the people and the institutions that are trying to convince them they made the wrong choice, like the media and political elites, than they do the president himself.”


  1. Trump has been in office for about four months. We've had to deal with his combover, his tweets, disfunction in the White House, endless innuendo and a frontal assault from the left. Would I vote for him again? You bet your ass I would. In my opinion the bad news is just noise. There could have been an equal amount for Obama but the press suppressed it. Trump isn't perfect, but he sure beats the alternative.

    1. His election of the SC judge was huge.

  2. what will it take for Trump-voters to realize/admit that they have been had ?
    or did they vote for warmongering, no change in immigration ?

    1. Name, you'd have to find a better candidate. There wasn't one :)

      Rand is the only guy you could consider as possibly better. And the Constitution Party candidate was all right.