Sunday, May 28, 2017

Radical Republican Selective Racial Equality

Most modern historians give the post Civil War Republican Party a free pass on racism. They generally presume that the Party’s demand for black suffrage and civil rights in the South was motivated by the intrinsic morality of racial equality and pejoratively contrast it with the violent resistance such policies sometimes encountered from the region’s whites.

Earlier historians, however, more often explained that the Party also had a second agenda.
Specifically, Republicans realized that they could lose control in Washington if the Southern states re-entered the Union without a significant Republican voting block, which almost certainly would have happened if whites dominated the Southern electorate. Continued Republican control, therefore, required two federally imposed actions. First, was to create a Republican-loyal constituency out of the freed slaves, which accounted for 40% of the former Confederacy’s population. Second, was to shrink the South’s opposition electorate by denying voting rights to many former Confederates


  1. Brigadier General Garfield had been fond and an active proponent of targeting and attacking civilians and their dwelling places and their food supplies.
    Following the war he joined the House of Representatives and legislated for bond interests.
    the reconstructionist party was also the party of money power

    If the Southern Senators and Representatives had been allowed to take their seats they would have prevented the establishment of permanent debt, the turning treasury notes into gold bonds, the credit strenghtening act
    The federalists and the whigs had been struggling to establish permanent debt and banknote as unit of measure, legal-tender and currency from day one; the southern withdrawal and the war gave them the opportunity, and they progeny were not going to let the pesky ones back in until they accomplished their aims

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