Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Out of Phnom Penh 1975" College professor Bret Weinstein holds class off campus, citing students theatening violence

Via Billy

A biology professor at Evergreen State College, who was berated by students for refusing to participate in a no-whites day at the Olympia, Washington, school, says he has been forced to hold classes off campus out of fear for his safety.

In an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Bret Weinstein said radical students are still in control of campus and have threatened violence if their demands are not met.

“At this moment, I believe [Evergreen College President George S. Bridges] is answering a set of demands put forward by the protesters, and they have said that if he does not, if he does not accept their demands, that there will be violence,” Mr. Weinstein said Friday on the Fox News program.


  1. each and everyone of the "leaders" of this protest should immediately have criminal and civil charges placed against them, be arrested and locked's hard to stage a protest from jail,
    each and everyone of the students participating in this, and any further protest, should be immediately expelled.
    anyone who is not a student and is found participating in a protest should be arrested for criminal trespass.
    colleges and universities are for furthering your education, not your political agenda .... learn or get out.