Tuesday, May 30, 2017



It was a snowy day in Oregon
People gathered to march and pray
For a simple Ranching Family
Who were being sent away

By a group of politicians
Who have lied, entrapped and seized
The land of our Inheritance
For their own families

The greed, the pain the sorrow
Caused us all to mourn
For the Ranching Hammond Family
Our loyalty was torn

Do we just follow orders?
And obey the Laws they make?
Even though Unconstitutional
Or a Hard Stand will we Take?

There arose a valiant soldier
One who dared to take a stand
To try to make the difference
And protect his fellow man.

There was pleading to the Sheriff
A Redress of Grievance Filed
Though tens of thousands signed it
Ignored, left in a pile.

How could the Judge and Jury
Convict the innocent men
Who already served a sentence
Now were sentenced once again?

Where is our Constitution?
Where are our soldiers true?
Who fought the land of England
For Freedom for me and you?

To the Refuge we did travel
America must understand
It would have to be dynamic
To get the Press to be on hand.

There had been a Battle at Bunkerville
Just a couple years before
When many Federal Agents
Hired Contract Cowboys and more

To assault the Bundy family
Steal their Cattle and their land
To make a real example
Of those who dared to Stand

Against the Federal Government
Who’ve become the Tyrants wild
Hip chucked your Aunt and sister
Then attacked and tazed your child

The people in this Nation
 Couldn’t take it any more
As they watched in awful horror
Is America again at War?

Brave people began to travel
Thousands of miles it was for some
They would stand united, together
Selflessly, protecting the One!

With love and faith and courage
From the world, the cry arose
And “We The People” bowed our heads
Our Father we imposed

We faced the Federal Army
They were Armed from head to toe
Defending Stolen Cattle
From American’s they didn’t know

Backing down was not an option
We would wait ‘til they were gone
As the Sheriff and politicians
Realized that they were wrong

With the Sheriff’s as their escorts
All the Agents in retreat
The Bundy Family Cowboys followed
As their cattle were released

The New American Hero
Was the cry in all the West!
Cliven had been preaching for years
“The Constitution is the BEST!”

Now with undercover agents
Their deceitfulness and lies
There are many men entrapped
Our own people used as spies

They feared the Bundy Family
Would teach us our Natural Rights
Afforded by  Constitution
Americans would stand and fight

LaVoy was the best student
Of the Constitution class
His voice rang strong and true
They couldn’t let him pass

They called it all a Virus
Spreading across this land
And they weren’t about to let it
So they landed a heavy hand.

I was there to be a witness
Ryan Payne stood to defend
Bullets flying furiously
We thought would never end.

LaVoy was trying to decoy
The bullets from the Truck
Where they’d set a kill box
4’ ft. snow the truck was stuck.

Trapped inside we witnessed
LaVoy shot in deep snow
Three bullets in his back
He had no place to go

Bullets pierced the cab
Ryan Bundy catching one
In his right shoulder only
We had no place to run

Kidnapped without a warrant
Hauled to a Federal Jail
Secluded from friends and Family
Being held without a bail

Threatened, Starved and Tortured
Solitary and confined
Strip searches done continuously
So many people blind

This Country was made by Heroes
Who dared to take a stand
Against an oppressive Government
That’s how we won this land

There are still many heroes
Fighting for our Liberty
And without the Hand of God             
Our Freedom’s would not be

--Shawna Cox


  1. Brock, I saw that as it happened and it was a very, very sad day for this country. LeVoy was a true gentleman, honest are very straight forward. My heart still breaks to this day. Thank you for the posting.

    1. I can't believe that they got away with this, so far. They shot him in the back with his hand up! Unbelievable and thanks.

  2. The FBI agent responsible for LeVoy's death was Robert Love. He is still on the job. Outrageous!!

  3. Bought a tee shirt and window decals of his ranch brand and wear them proudly. Sometimes people ask what it means, so I tell them who he is (not was) because he (and he ideals) are still relevant. It is how I keep his memory alive!! He is a true patriot, and a renegade!!! Rest in peace LV.