Friday, May 5, 2017

Trump’s Army sec. pick — a combat hero and devout Christian — under assault from LGBTQ activists

Via Billy

His military resume to become the next Army secretary appears impeccable, but his conservative Christian beliefs have rallied the gay rights movement and its Democratic supporters to defeat the soldier-businessman-politician.

This week, a group of 11 House Republicans entered the battle on the side of combat veteran Mark E. Green, sending an endorsement letter to Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain, Arizona Republican.

Mark’s commitment to the men and women of the U.S. Army is emboldened by his faithful service as a solider,” said the letter spearheaded by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California and signed by representatives from his home state of Tennessee.

Mr. McCain said his week he has reservations about Mr. Green as Army secretary.

Mr. Green took to Facebook to say the gay rights movement and liberals are “cutting and splicing my words to paint me as a hater. It will not stand.”


  1. Of course traitor McLame has reservations about him. He believes in God, McLame doesn't.

    And who really cares about what the perverts might have to say?



  2. Mark Green, if most of D.C. doesn't want you, that's OK. Come back to Tennessee and resume your run for Governor. --Ron W

  3. Go back to blowing each other and let us keep you safe.


    Now Mark Green can resume his candidacy for TN Gov. Good! --Ron W

    1. Yup!