Friday, May 5, 2017

Who Knew? These Rappers Are Selling This Gun like Hotcakes


I swear this is not a joke. This is real. Recently, we were examining our internal analytics for GunsAmerica.comWhere America Buys and Sells Guns since 1997 — to see which search terms are popular, basically, to see what guns folks are buying from the website.

To our surprise, the term “Draco” was in the top five. Now, as you might imagine, more often than not terms like “Remington 870” or “Glock 19” or “Springfield XD-S” or “Smith & Wesson M&P” are up toward the top of the list. But when we looked at the list, there was “Draco.”

Now, as you may or may not know Draco is an AK-style pistol chambered in 7.62x39mm. It is made by Romanian manufacturer Cugir and then imported by our friends over at Century Arms.

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