Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Air Force planning to cut three A-10 squadrons

Via Billy

Rep. Martha McSally said Wednesday newly announced Air Force plans show it will cut three A-10 Thunderbolt II squadrons.

The Air Force told a House committee it is committed to keeping six squadrons of the so-called Warthog, a favorite of infantry troops known for its massive nose cannon. But McSally, a former A-10 pilot, said the current fleet includes nine squadrons and the service appears to be angling toward a reduction of the aircraft.

"It's the first time you've publicly said that you are going to go down to six squadrons," McSally, R-Ariz., told Air Force officials during a House Armed Services hearing. "I'd really like to know what those planning assumptions are of the six squadrons."

The reductions could begin within the next few years, McSally said.


  1. I have said it a hundred times...move the A-10's AND the C 130 gunships to the Army. The Air force has no interest in maintaining support structure and training for Army units. If the Air force can have commandos supporting their branch then the Army can have some air power to support its operations. indyjonesouthere

    1. If the Air force can have commandos supporting their branch then the Army can have some air power to support its operations.

      Good point.

  2. I'm no expert but this seems the stupidest plan. They have a plane proven time and time again in combat. It works and saves lives. As far as I know there is nothing to replace it. And yet the military leaders want to eliminate it. I don't get the logic or reasoning. My only guess can be not enough kickbacks.


    1. If there is nothing to replace it, then wonder who is providing the kickbacks?

  3. Weapons grade stupid. I am being kind here. I've got a much better idea. If they need to cut the budget, then let us start by eliminating all of the Air Farces generals first, then the full birds. The Air Farce has too many dead weight officers, who by virtue of being a flag officer are in fact worthless. We will keep what does work, namely the A-10s. We will then have plenty of open positions for Air Farce officers who in fact want to be real warriors rather than self serving ticket punchers. If you are an Air Farce Officer of the later, then do your country the greatest service possible by committing suicide tonight. We don't need you.

  4. Wouldn't a great deal be saved by removing some of these overseas bases and reducing the number of troops?

    It sure seems like we pay too much for something...

    1. It sure seems like we pay too much for something...

      For sure.

  5. Make a great aircraft for patrolling the U.S. southern border for any illegal incursions into the U.S. Any invader would be given pause, given the many videos of how effective these aircraft are.

    Just a pipedream I guess.

    1. How about Puff the Magic Dragon? :) Thanks.

  6. Great, the asshats polluting
    the Pentagon are again trying to
    kill the invaluable close air support
    of the A-10 (by Squadron elimination).
    That Gatling spinning and 30 mm spitting
    winged demon has saved countless
    lives in Afghanistan.
    Hell, even the South Korean air force
    is smart enough to still fly the F4, regardless
    that they have a number of E model F-15's.
    Without question, I know I'm not the only
    one who knows what a beast the Phantom is.
    Not only in raw power, but also the amount
    of ordnance it carries.

    cavalry medic