Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Democrats’ Hoodwinking of Blacks

Via David

Portrait of Walter E. Williams

Ask any black person which political party has been black people’s political ally. With near unanimity, blacks would answer the Democratic Party.

Asked which political party has been hostile to blacks, they’d say the Republican Party with similar unanimity.

For better answers, check out Prager University’s five-minute clip, “The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party,” by Carol Swain, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University.


  1. There you go again Brock. Muckraking!

  2. Senator Saulsbury, in the Senate:--- "it is not the first time that I have heard gentlemen on this floor seek refuge from their positions by an attempted assault upon the Democratic party. Sir, that party can survive. Such assaults have been made on the Democratic party from its origin to the present time. When it first arose men were found to speak as disrespectfully of the Democratic party as the Senator from Kansas speaks to-day. Throughout its whole progress from its birth, during all its continuance in power, when it was carrying the banner of constitutional gov­ernment and civil liberty throughout all the States and over all this continent, when the greatest minds this country ever produced were its champions, there were men either upwill­ing or incapable of appreciating its glorious mission.

    "Where, let me ask the Senator, would this country have been had it not been for the Democratic party ? What is that new fledgling to which he belongs ? The party of yesterday, a mushroom which sprung up only a few years ago, to go out of existence in 1872 and be remembered with the things that were, and that were to the disgrace and the destruction of the American Government. What has it ever done for this country ? It has never added a foot of territory to it, and now seeks to add a free negro soil, a little piece of terri­tory called Dominica; to buy an earthquake and say that they have done something for the country ! They have subverted every principle of the Constitution which guaranties civil lib­erty and the rights of the States, and have gone against the decrees of God Almighty Himself by attempting to drag down the noble white man to the degraded level of the negro; or else, worse and more impotent, to elevate that inferior being to the proud, noble, dignified position of the white man. That has been the mission of this party. The one great idea which has governed it from its inception, and which I suppose will continue to govern it while it shall exist, has been war upon the fundamental principles of the Government under which its members were born, under which they lived, and war upon the decrees of God Almighty, who, until they came into power, had been the protector, the guardian of the American people, and who, in His wisdom and benevolence, raised up this country to be a light and an example to all the nations of the earth, and who vouchsafed his guidance to that old Democratic party which has made the country all that it is that is glorious, which has made it all that was noble in the past, and which, on its reaccession to power in 1872, will, as far as any human instrumentality can, restore the Government to its former condition of freedom, happiness, and renown."