Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NC Senate Trolls the ‘Hypocritical’ Media By Making Paperboys Company Employees

Via Billy

 NC State Senator Trudy Wade 
“We appreciate our state’s news media for shedding light on the far-too-common practice of employee misclassification in North Carolina,” said Trudy Wade, a NC Republican, in a statement. “Surely the same industry that brought the problem to our attention will recognize this inconsistency between what they report and editorialize on and what they practice, and support this important reform to protect their own hard workers.”

Why would North Carolina’s famously right wing legislature ever pass a bill increasing worker protections?

To troll the media, of course.

After the Charlotte Observer and sister paper the Raleigh News & Observer (both despised by the legislature) published an investigation on the misclassification of construction workers, the GOP-controlled State Senate — after pointing out the typical media dissonance between its advocacy journalism and own corporate practices — passed legislation requiring newspapers to classify newspaper carriers as  staff employees with benefits.


  1. Now that is how to properly respond to SJW's...make them eat their own excrement. indyjonesouthere

  2. The predicatable outcome will be firing of all paperboys.
    Prediction #2: news papers will scream about how the law is mean to paperboys and put them out of business.
    Prediction #3: News stories will never mention that their advocacy of those same policies in other industries will have the same result.