Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Christian Genocide in Syria: The Works of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, & the Muslim Brotherhood

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Christian Genocide in Syria: The Works of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, & the Muslim Brotherhood

In my April 12 Tribune Papers (NC) and Times Examiner (SC) article I asked: “What about the 1.7 million Christians in Syria?” In my May 10 article, I summarized the Armenian and Greek genocides perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire and Nationalist Turkish regimes from 1900 to
1923 that killed 3.5 to 4.3 million Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Maronite, and other Christians.

I knew when I wrote these articles that the number of Syrian Christians had certainly been reduced from 1.7 million by the savage attrition of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s several affiliates in Syria and by the exodus of those fleeing the economic devastation and acute suffering and dangers of civil war. Two big questions are how many Syrian Christians are left in Syria and what has been their fate of the rest?  The third big question is what will be the fate of the Christians remaining in Syria, if the predominantly radical Sunni Muslim rebels take power? The answer to the third question is obvious to those who know the tenets of salafist (fundamentalist and revivalist) Sunni Islam. The Christians along with their moderate Alawite Shia Muslim allies and other minorities must flee, convert to fundamentalist Islam, or die.

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  1. Interesting Muslim Brotherhood is included there.

    Supposedly Iran supports them somewhat.

    I couldn't say the truth of the matter except that Assad seemed to tolerate the Christians. And the Christians even fight for him.

    1.7m Christians is a lot considering those likely truly believe.

  2. Another question, why are the so called Christian Churches here in the FUSA, not speaking out, and not lending any real material aid to the Christians in Syria or any place else when they are under threat from Muslims? It seems that the unofficial US foreign policy is that Muslims will get preferential consideration. But if you are a Christian fleeing in fear for your life then it is, tough s--t, you're on your own.

    1. The Christians seem to believe they work for Israel. They care about Israel and nothing else. Even worshiping the Pope would be better than worshiping a different religion...

      At Breitbart, one guy is telling me right now that Trump ran on "destroying Iran" and that I must be Iranian since I've opposed the wars.

      Americans are so manipulated. It's amazing.

    2. Americans are so manipulated. It's amazing.

      Really. They don't care.