Sunday, June 4, 2017

Now Moonbats Want to Banish Sam Houston Statues From Houston

Via David

Liberal fascists must be running out of Confederate generals to banish to the memory hole. Now they are going after heroes of the Texas Revolution, starting at the top:
The Sam Houston statue has been at Hermann Park since 1925, but a group that calls itself Texas Antifa has started a campaign to take down this and any other landmark that bears the name Sam Houston. …
[Last] Thursday, the group posted on its Facebook page saying, “Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country.”
The group also suggested Mayor Sylvester Turner should back the removal of the statue, because of his ethnicity and political affiliation.
Turner is a black Democrat.

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  1. All part of the grand plan. Destroy and eliminate a cultures history and heritage and they can be easily controlled and manipulated. That is the final goal of the elites controlling this jihad on history. They have a final objective! Elimination of Western Civilization and genocide of the Caucasian race. You doubt that last statement? Then just think on this. Look at the entire world and the calls for diversification. Where are the calls to diversify Africa? Where are the calls to diversify China? It seems the only calls for diversification are in white majority countries. If diversification is so good, then why no calls to diversify majority black nations, brown nations, or Asian nations. Only white nations need diversified.


    1. Elimination of Western Civilization and genocide of the Caucasian race.


  2. These antifa morons (I refuse to capitalize it) either fail to remember or were never taught (my bet is on the latter) that Sam Houston was the only sitting Governor of a southern state to refuse to endorse secession and refuse to swear allegiance to the government of the Confederate States. But then nobody ever accused them of not being complete morons. Neither would any of them know that the Mexican government of Santa Anna was a military dictatorship and even now is no more than a corrupt aristocracy run by and for Castilian Spaniards.

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk such inconvenience facts........

  3. Moonbeams, moonbeams. Not moonbats. Get you insults right!